Candice+Max | The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico

Candice and Max’s stunning wedding is surely one of the most wonderful moments worthy to remember when I have to take a trip down memory lane. Having been recommended by one of my favorite couples, Alissa and Mason, was great but to hang out with them as well on this four-day celebration was just awesome!

Everyone was raving that this wedding felt  like tearing a page out from a fairy tale book. Everything was picturesque from Candice’s mesmerizing beauty to her stunning Khalessi by Hayley Paige wedding dress, Max who undeniably was always dapper and charming, the beautiful crowd, and the light yet breathtaking ceremony officiated by Pastor Carl Lentz or Hillsong NYC. It was really great to see the sweet, gracious, fun and beautiful (inside and out) couple surrounded by their equally pleasant friends and wonderful families.

We  never have had a better experience working with a venue before. The Beloved Hotel in Cancun was just a perfect place to create a lasting special memory. The staff went above and beyond all day to make sure we were taken care of, and that the wedding party and guests were having the time of their lives. They did not fail in giving a relaxing environment, flashing those warm smiles and being attentive to their clients’ needs. Most notably the Wedding Planner – Alejandro Rangel’s calm and artistic orchestration and planning of the event made the wedding day extra special.

Though I was tasked to capture an event for three days, it almost did not feel like we were working all. Not only because of the breath taking pristine beach of Playa Mujeres, Cancun Mexico but Candice, Max and all their families and friends were just so  laid back that I felt it was just a getaway with good friends. For that, we are so so grateful!

With this wedding I truly had met great people but with Candice and Max I also found new great friends that I am so so looking forward for the exciting years of friendship ahead!

I would also like to give a special shout out to the great artists that I have worked and collaborated with this special day! To the talented Gil Purcil who’s company I always enjoy and has always been unselfish in creativity and kindness. To the hard working and mind blowing talents of  Pinnacle Bride Cinematography Team, Arturo Lorde and Oriol Vatelia thank you all for pulling out your creative juices.

Venue: The Beloved Hotel, Cancun Mexico
Photography: Jeruel Garado & Gil Purcil
Cinematography: Arturo Lorde and Oriol Vatelia
Make Up by: the amazing – Achelle Dunaway – E.L.F. Cosmetics Creative Director
Bride’s Gown: Khalessi by Hayley Paige
Wedding Officiant: Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC
Wedding Rings: Mark Awad Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
DJ: Niko Fasaria


CandiceMax_002 CandiceMax_003 CandiceMax_004a CandiceMax_001
CandiceMax_007 CandiceMax_008a CandiceMax_008b CandiceMax_009 CandiceMax_010 CandiceMax_011 CandiceMax_014 CandiceMax_017 CandiceMax_018 CandiceMax_019 CandiceMax_024 CandiceMax_025 CandiceMax_031 CandiceMax_032 CandiceMax_033 CandiceMax_034 CandiceMax_034b CandiceMax_035 CandiceMax_039 CandiceMax_045 CandiceMax_046 CandiceMax_047 CandiceMax_049 CandiceMax_050 CandiceMax_052 CandiceMax_053 CandiceMax_054 CandiceMax_057 CandiceMax_059 CandiceMax_060 CandiceMax_062 CandiceMax_063 CandiceMax_064 CandiceMax_065 CandiceMax_066 CandiceMax_067 CandiceMax_070 CandiceMax_072 CandiceMax_073 CandiceMax_075 CandiceMax_076 CandiceMax_077 CandiceMax_078 CandiceMax_079 CandiceMax_081 CandiceMax_082 CandiceMax_084 CandiceMax_085 CandiceMax_086 CandiceMax_087 CandiceMax_088 CandiceMax_089 CandiceMax_090 CandiceMax_091 CandiceMax_096 CandiceMax_097 CandiceMax_098

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Tampa Fashion Shoot | Vintage Themed Shoot with Molly for SVW

Bill and Donna of Strickland Vintage Watches have been good clients and friends with me for quiet sometime now. Sometimes over some coffee, tea or a good dinner we would discuss anything from business, people, art and many more. On one of those conversations, we envisioned a 50’s theme shoot. In the last few years, we have seen the resurgence in people’s appreciation for vintage style- from dresses to photography filters!  With that, we all pulled in for this concept to become a reality.

Nicko’s Fine Foods’ Airstream setup was a perfect location for our shoot since the area itself has a vintage feel already. A big hats off to our models as well especially Molly who came in to the shoot very timid but when it was camera time, she definitely brought it! Here are some of my faves of Molly as a vintage chic.
Vintage Time Pieces by: Strickland Vintage Watches
Photography: Jeruel Photography
Model: Molly Nagle
Wardrobe by: La France
Fashion Stylist: Michelle Loucks
Hair Stylist: Corinne Smrz
Make Up Artist: Katie Poplin
Location: Nicko’s Fine Foods
Special Thanks to: Rossie Newsome, Donna and Bill Strickland
JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_005JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_001 JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_002 JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_003 JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_004
JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_006 JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_007 JeruelPhotography_Molly_Nickos_008


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Candice+Max | E-Session | The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico

Candice and Max gave me a call early this year with regards to their destination wedding in Cancun – (I was like, sweet!). They mentioned that they were on one of the previous weddings that I shot and as a matter of fact, they are good friends with the couple (Alissa and Mason whose friendship and wedding I truly enjoy enjoyed). I immediately browsed the wedding photos of Alissa and Mason and for the life of me I could not remember them or even see a clear photo of them in my shots!

After hearing their love story which is definitely a fortunate stroke of serendipity ( you have to read the entire story in Cosmo ), I told them “I should your photographer” :D, and the rest as they say is… oh wait there’s more! 😀

We initially planned to have an engagement shoot in Florida but schedule just did not work out so we decided to do it in Cancun, a day before the wedding itself.

Max and Candice are both models and most would assume that it would be an easy session. Nevertheless, I wanted to capture their real personalities and not make it feel like work . Indeed I got what I wanted! Both just had this radiating energy and passion that has drawn me and has made me fall in love with them even more. I am usually drawn to couples who are very passionate about each other and are very wonderful to be around with. Max and Candice did not disappoint!

The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding
The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding
The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico WeddingThe Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding The Beloved Hotel Cancun Mexico Wedding


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Gay+Bobby | Love Knows Not What Time Is | Sundy House Delray Beach

Someone has said, “It is never too late to fall in love and find true love”. It was such an honor to have witnessed a not-so-usual kind of couple who exchanged their vows and made their life-long commitment with each other. Definitely, saying ” I do” never gets old.

Gay (72) and Bobby (84) met while going for a walk. Guess fate had brought them together as they crossed their paths on that walk. Something inside Gay told her to turn back and try talk to Bobby.  She turned  and caught up with him and said “Oh you made me catch up with you!” Bobby replied, “I was hoping to”. That walk turned to an hour and a half conversation and from that moment on they were just inseparable.

Bobby is a well known lawyer in New York and Gay was an actress and singer. Gay enjoyed her younger years gracing covers of magazines, and various publications.

Being around them, one could immediately notice how they are so much into each other. They can’t keep their hands off each other and the constant sweet words exchanged are so inspiring.

Bobby and Gay are just having the time of their lives now, so you all out there that are still waiting for their special someone may this be an inspiration to you all!

Venue: Sundy House Delray Beach
Photography: Jeruel Photography
Violinist: Julie Bright of Master Musicians
Rabbi: Jonathan Kaplan of Temple Beth Chai
Photographer Assistant: Mark Janeski Jr.

Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_001 Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_002 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_004 Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_005 Jeruel Photography © temple beth chai jonathan kaplanGay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_010 Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_013 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_015 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_034



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Published! | Upscale Living Magazine | Shoot with SVW

STOKED!!! A word to describe my feeling upon seeing my work published in a magazine recognized as the world’s luxury portal magazine which caters to affluent and prominent audience. I am really honored to have this special collaboration with Strickland Vintage Watches and I am equally happy to be given this chance to work with them in featuring their elegant and luxurious time pieces.
Published on Upscale Living Magazine

Shoot for: Strickland Vintage Watches
Model: Sarah Jean
Make Up By: Katareyna Haberman

Jeruel Photography Jeruel Photography Jeruel Photography Jeruel Photography JeruelPhotography_SVW_004 Jeruel Photography
Here’s the article by Bill Strickland you may also find it on their blog.

Wrist and pocket watches have never merely indicated the time. A memorable watch always has carried with it a certain element of class distinction. An elegant watch symbolized refinement a hundred years ago and it does today.

Those who have prophesied the death of the mechanical timepiece at the hands of technology do not appreciate a watch’s deeper significance. Despite speculation otherwise, various electronic gadgets have – in no way – eliminated the need for a good wristwatch. While a cell phone can be an easy means of communication, its use in telling time is a bit like microwave cooking: common, unsatisfying and banal. In fact, in most relatively proper social situations, interrupting a conversation to fumble for one’s phone is terribly gauche.

In the elite social arena, wristwatches are not only surviving, they are flourishing. Fine auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Antiquorum; along with great makers like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger LeCoultre are well aware of the enduring relevance of a fine timepiece.

Casual social situations aren’t the only circumstances where a wristwatch is appropriate. In business, grappling for one’s cell phone versus discreetly glancing at a wristwatch is considered sophomoric and can mean the difference between gaining and losing a client.

“I’ve had conversations with new associates brought in to represent us,” aNew Yorkpublisher told us. “One of the first things I make sure of is that they have an appropriate wristwatch. I’ve had them walk into my office wearing thousand dollars shoes, looking at their cell phones like mailroom clerks. It may be appropriate for their dorm rooms – it isn’t fitting for our image.”

Wearing the right wristwatch in a professional setting is both polite and powerful. Often there is uniformity in business attire and few ways to convey a sense of individuality while maintaining an aura of elegance and success. In a room where everyone is wearing the same expensive suit, one can set oneself apart with a distinctive watch and make a strong, refined statement.

Ultimately, a great watch is a work of tactile or “functioning” art, like a fine automobile. And, like an automobile, construction, performance and appearance should be considered when selecting the right machine.
Good watches are resilient and expertly made; well-engineered and mechanically sound, whether they are new or vintage. A well-made watch fosters a comfortable relationship with the wearer. And, like relationships, some watches are more complicated than others.

Some watches are time-only; others incorporate increasingly exotic functions applicable to almost every well-heeled diversion, from aviation to yacht racing. There are tachometers and fly-backs and functions that indicate the day, date and current phase of the moon. Performance also can mean accuracy: For those who require the time to the millisecond, a vintage timepiece might not be accurate enough. While older watches can be calibrated to keep time within a few seconds a day; some newer watches can keep time to within a fraction of a second a millennium via the frequency of the caesium atom.

Choose the look of a fine wrist or pocket watch as you would any other work of tactile art. In visual art, it is “your eye, your wall and your money”; in fine timekeeping, it is “your eye, your wrist and your image.” When it comes to basing a decision to buy a watch on style, to thine own taste be true.

And for those of you who prefer to subjugate personal taste to the advice of others – we’re here to help.

For men, today’s taste is leaning toward either a classic vintage look or a clean Minimalist wrist stance. Garish is out, understated is in. Mechanical movements – either manual wind or automatic – are strongly preferred.

Deco and the “period look” also are very “in.” Ralph Lauren’s fall collection – one of his best yet – is an homage to the English upper class of the early 20th century. Patrons are clamoring for the sparkle and elegance of the Jazz Age, with buyers and designers looking longingly to a time of Old Hollywood, New England andPark Avenue.

What’s on the radar this year for ladies watches? Platinum and diamonds, emeralds and sapphires; enameled cases and unusual shapes are on everyone’s wish list. Also, women are wearing men’s rectangular and oversized pieces, as well as midsize “sport” or “boy’s” watches.

In the Ivy League, young ladies are wearing their grandmother’s teardrop watches from the ‘50s; with black rope bands custom-fitted to their wrists. Also in the Northeast, ladies ribbon “wristlet” watches of the Teens and Twenties are very popular.

Military pieces from the first and second world wars also are highly sought-after, especially when fitted with correct canvas or Cordovan straps. Oversized watches for women, along with rose gold and diamond dials are all good looks.

A great watch is a necessity and an expression of good judgment. It is both utilitarian and sartorial; artistic and pragmatic; useful, like shoes or a haircut. You’re going to be judged by your watch, so best find common ground between what you like and what others find attractive.
In subsequent issues, we will explore the variations of fine timepieces in greater detail: differentiation in vintage watches and comparisons of new timepieces from the world’s finest makers. For now, there’s only one “fine watch” rule we want you to remember: Wear one.

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