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Wow! it has been such a long time since I updated my blog and I feel bad :-(. Alot of things have happened, some very exciting and some not so.
But I would really try to get back to my entries so I could keep you guys updated!

I have been shooting lots of wedding lately ( not giving an alibi of the neglect on blogging 😀 ) and I do love capturing those most treasured moments. But time to time I do get to shoot other things or event aside from weddings, which also gives a little breather and it has a different excitement.

These times,  it seems that everything goes by so fast and every one is such in a hurry on everything that we do. What excites me more with photography is being able to capture this fleeting moments and be able to remember them one frame, and one image at a time. When I see photographs especially those ones that I could relate with, or one that I have been a part of that moment, it makes me relive and recall the happenings. That’s why I always take time when I do photo shoots because I understand that this moments would never ever be repeated and I only have one chance to create that lasting memory.

( i wasn’t trying to sound emo, just pouring out my thoughts lol 😀 )

So I had the privilege of capturing a milestone of Ashanti and Peter’s life. A maternity shoot during Ashanti’s 7th month, and I would say it was such a joy to share those moments with them.

We had the shoot at their nice home up in West Palm Beach, … and here are the images

and they really were such a fun couple and I knew I had to take a photo something like this!

and this!

And later that day as the sun went down and it was cooler we were able to take shots outside the house.

and here are my faves!

After much convincing and persistence Ashanti and I were able to have Peter take of his shirt for this shot and I think it turned out way better.

I want to thank my good friend Gil Purcil for helping me out on this shoot, really appreciate it.

I am excited to know what you think of this images  🙂 comment and inquiries please feel free to comment below or shoot me and email.

and oh are you an expectant mommy or you know a friend that would love to have a shoot with me? Just give me a ring!

Jeruel Garado
Jeruel Photography, Wedding Photographer Miami

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Paul and Christina’s Wedding Teaser in 3D look

Finally! I am excited to show you all the teaser of Paul and Christina’s Wedding. My team  and I has been putting our heads together to showcase to our clientele the best products and innovations so that you would enjoy your photo memories at its finest. With that, I am happy to show publicly our Wedding Teaser that would make your wedding and special events more memorable and you would witness as your images comes alive :D. So much for that talk, let me know what you think!

oops turn your speakers up for maximum enjoyment lol 😀

Paul+Christina Teaser from jeruel photography on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to capture your wedding and special life events as it unfolds.
Just give me a ring 🙂 or drop me an email.

– Jeruel Garado
Jeruel Photography, Wedding Photographer Miami,

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Paul + Christina (as seen on Whose Wedding is it Anyway, Style Network)

No matter how small or big, simple or grandiose, reserved or lavish a wedding is, I always feel that rush,  excitement and happiness when I capture those precious moments. The wedding of Paul and Christina is indeed exhilarating and just mind blowing. Though some of you may have already known the whole scoop through Style Network’s show, “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?“, here is a little overview for the others.

Christina is a wedding planner and has been with Paul for 7 years. Paul planned a surprise wedding,  oooops, yes you are reading it right! Surprise wedding for a wedding planner bride to be (sounds like an ingredient for a disaster ? :D). He haven’t even proposed yet but had already planned for their wedding. To make this plan work he got in touch with the fab and amazing celebrity wedding planner Ana Cruz of Ana Cruz Event Planning. Luckily, Ana Cruz is not only their wedding planner but also a good friend of Christina and Paul, so at least they have some things to start with since Ana already have some overview of what Christina wants for her wedding.

To really paint the picture more clearly, Paul wants to propose to Christina and get married the day after! that is the big game plan. Now imagine a wedding planner, not being able to plan for her own wedding and on top of that, from proposal to wedding day is not even a week time!

Another spice on this already hot event is that Style Network had chosen this wedding to be featured on TV. So to give more twist to all these happenings, they set up Christina to be on a fake reality tv show supposedly for event planners and that she would have a chance to win big cash! She had to supposedly compete with other planners in different challenges. All this time Paul told his parents as well as to Christina’s parents about his intention of proposing to her as if that was not overwhelming enough to take in for the family, he also told them about the plan of marrying her the next day and all the plans had to be kept secret.

So Christina had to go to different challenges and she got frustrated at first for not winning and at the end and last challenge Paul revealed to her that all of it was fake and was just a set up. Right there and then he also proposed to her and of course she said yes!! and he told her that the wedding would be the following day! Now you should watch for the re-run of the show as you could really see her confused and overwhelmed reaction :D.  She went to see her gown which Paul and Ana had already preselected and amazingly it was a perfect match for her! Ana and Paul had already things ironed out for the most part and it was just a matter of Christina liking it or not but she won’t know until the wedding day itself.

During the wedding day, it was a nice cloudy afternoon and just perfect for an outdoor wedding. The venue was at the beautiful Grove Isle Hotel and Spa and  I loved the set up with the view fronting the water, the bride had been wanting ever since that she would get married there but as 0f the moment she did not know  and only thought she was having her bridal preparation there. As I went in the bride’s room to capture some moments, you could feel the mixed anxiety and excitement. All the family, bridesmaids, and everyone were just ecstatic and enjoyed the roller coaster ride that this wedding was up into.

Click here to view the photo in slide show and full screen.

and Paul with his crew 😀

he does look so excited on this one!

and just before Christina walked down the aisle I was able to capture this beautiful shot of her

Christina’s dad as he hands her to Paul with a “You better take very good care of her” look :D.

and the KISS KISS KISS!!

and on to reception for the first dance

and its party time!!

and this event was beautifully orchestrated by Ana Cruz  😀 cheers Ana!

better shot on this one 🙂

for the tasteful Lighting set up, plasma screens (where I was able to show the photos immediately on the reception) and cool DJs from The Party Pros with the head honcho Sean McCourt

gorgeous flower arrangement from Petals Panache by Bobby Kyser

Bobby and his crew 😀

Photography by: Yours truly hahaha just having a little chat with camera guy from Style Network lol.

and want to thank my buddy Gil Purcil for helping me out on this shoot.

and a behind the scene shoot of the crew from Style Network with Ana Cruz


– Jeruel Garado
Jeruel Photography, Wedding Photographer Miami,

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Miami is indeed a place where a variety of people from different parts of the world converge and anybody could easily thrive and appreciate vibe and feel of the diversity. Amidst all the these flood of people, from time to time you will meet some really nice and cool people along the way.

LeAnna, a very interesting and beautiful woman indeed!

She garnered 2nd Runner Up of Ms Jamaica 2002! She also graced billboard ads and bus ads in New York so she might look familiar to alot. I had a great opportunity to shoot for her as she updated her portfolio for an upcoming job for a cosmetics company in UK.

Hair and Make Up by: Yaneth Gray –

and here are the photos 🙂

View in Slide Show and Full Screen!

How bout you? You want to update your portfolio? change a facebook profile pic lol, or a nice portrait with the family? Let’s do it! Just give me a ring or email 😀


Jeruel Photography, Wedding Photographer Miami, Portrait Photographer Miami

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Carlos + Jackie | Double Tree Grand Hotel Biscayne Bay | Christ Fellowship Church Miami

Driving downtown in Miami on that bright and sunny afternoon, the urban scene felt like an ordinary day. It may have seem the usual Saturday but I was truly excited. I will be meeting and documenting Jackie and Carlos’ event of a lifetime and I just felt that it would truly be a memorable moment.

When we walked in Jackie’s room at the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Miami, you could feel the warmth of her smile and her contagious excitement. She was already starting her make up and all her bridesmaids as well as her relatives were all busy with the preparations and running around to help her out.

so let’s take a look at the images 😀

oh btw this beautiful view of Double Tree Grand Hotel Biscayne Bay’s atrium is impossible to miss. its a nice view but the closer you get to it you’ll feel a little weird 😀

We got to Carlos’ room and you could see he is tensed mixed with excitement. The presence of his great buddies helped and eased out Carlos a bit and to make things better how bout just some fun times!

Now, it was game time! We headed to Christ Fellowship Church in Downtown Miami.
As the ceremony was about to start, last minute touch ups were made and Jackie’s bridesmaids and relatives were there to the rescue.

Jackie’s dress was gorgeous but when I saw the final and whole piece I could really see that it is a dress that has her name all over it.

The ceremony went smoothly and my favorite part was when they said their vows personally.

oh the Christ Fellowship Church in Downtown  has very nice view on their interior and the candles really accentuated the beauty of the architecture.

and of course the BIG KISS!

When we came to the reception everybody was just so happy and just ready to party! so with big applause we welcomed the newly weds!

their first dance.. look out the happy faces of all the people surrounding them!

After their first dance, Jackie’s and her dad had their turn and so far it was the best moment that I had ever witnessed of the bride and dad’s dance. Jackie’s dad surprised her with a dubbed and recorded dedication for her.

and who would not be touched by that?

and we could see everybody just taking in this wonderful moment

Next was also Carlos and his mom’s turn.

then it was time to party!!

I was more blown away when I learned that the beautifully orchestrated and well planned wedding was through the big efforts of Jackie’s dad and I really congratulate and give props to him!

Carlos and Jackie cheers to both of you!

PS: thank to Curtis Smith for this gig 🙂


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