Chocolate Bar!

I was pulling into Costco Gas station and an old lady was pushing her shopping cart towards the pumps. I was waiting behind a car and the lady was on my left side just standing with her cart and waiting too. I thought she was waiting on me for her to be able to pass, so I said Hi and asked her if I was in her way and that she could get right through ahead. She smiled and said that she was waiting for someone there at the gas station. She turned around and reached in her cart and I saw that she bought a pack of bottled water and 4 boxes of Hershey’s bar. She opened one box and with her warm smile gave a bar of chocolate to me. I was surprised and thanked her, she replied “oh that’s what all i do with those chocolates, give them away, don’t get fat with that now! “. I was just amazed, how simple hi and a little conversation got me a bar of sweet treat and am just curious who the other recipients of those other bars of chocolates.
I realized if we only stop and pause sometimes and care even just a little…. at the end of the day, we might be box full of chocolates!

Just a thought.



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