Gay+Bobby | Love Knows Not What Time Is | Sundy House Delray Beach

Someone has said, “It is never too late to fall in love and find true love”. It was such an honor to have witnessed a not-so-usual kind of couple who exchanged their vows and made their life-long commitment with each other. Definitely, saying ” I do” never gets old.

Gay (72) and Bobby (84) met while going for a walk. Guess fate had brought them together as they crossed their paths on that walk. Something inside Gay told her to turn back and try talk to Bobby.  She turned  and caught up with him and said “Oh you made me catch up with you!” Bobby replied, “I was hoping to”. That walk turned to an hour and a half conversation and from that moment on they were just inseparable.

Bobby is a well known lawyer in New York and Gay was an actress and singer. Gay enjoyed her younger years gracing covers of magazines, and various publications.

Being around them, one could immediately notice how they are so much into each other. They can’t keep their hands off each other and the constant sweet words exchanged are so inspiring.

Bobby and Gay are just having the time of their lives now, so you all out there that are still waiting for their special someone may this be an inspiration to you all!

Venue: Sundy House Delray Beach
Photography: Jeruel Photography
Violinist: Julie Bright of Master Musicians
Rabbi: Jonathan Kaplan of Temple Beth Chai
Photographer Assistant: Mark Janeski Jr.

Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_001 Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_002 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_004 Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_005 Jeruel Photography © temple beth chai jonathan kaplanGay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_010 Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_013 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_015 Jeruel Photography © Gay_Bobby_jeruelphotography_034



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