Hello World!

Oh yes this is definitely a Hello World for me.

This is my very first official post for my photography blog and I am really excited not just to show case my photography but more importantly to be able to connect and update you all more frequently. I know it seems so outdated that I am just starting this blog and its almost like blogging era is almost dipping due to the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many other. However, the more avenues for me to stay in touch and have regular updates, the better.

Since I just am starting this blog, you would probably be seeing the entries go rewind and past forward. I would try to put up my previous works, and hopefully catch up with the most recent ones. I also believe in sharing ideas and things that I learn so you might also see from time to time things about equipment, techniques and things related to photography and things that are not so.

Just a little bit about myself (you could go to the next paragraph i know it is boring lol) since this is like an introduction too.
I am married to my beautiful wife Rodj and we have a beautiful baby boy Braeden Mairead (i still can’t believe im already a dad!). I originally had my desire on Nursing and am now supposedly 2 semesters away from it but I just got bitten by the photography bug and ever since had been loving every single moment of it. It kindled¬† a new passion and just feel so blessed to do things that I love and getting paid to do it is just unbelievable!. Currently based in the sunny Miami, Florida but I am available to travel for photo shoots and assignments. I also love collaborating with other artists, photographers, graphic designers, make up artists, wedding planners, and many others. So if your interested just message me and let’s see if we could meet and sit with a cup of coffee or two.

I would love comments and suggestions from you guys so if you have anything please drop it and I would really appreciate it.

– Jeruel
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