Thank you Tuesdays | Melissa and Carlo

It is always the best feeling for every photographer to receive and hear appreciation straight from the clients after working for them on their special day. I feel so blessed to have great couples who appreciate the hard work and artistry that I had offered them. Their words and opinions are highly important for me and for my future clients. They are the reason why I always try to achieve the best experience and perform the best for them. It is definitely overwhelming and humbling on my part when people remember me and let me know how they appreciate my work. It makes me more motivated whenever clients take their time and sends sweet notes. Over the years I have a handful of them but let’s start with the most recent one that I got from snail mail, Melissa and Carlo.

Melissa and Carlo had me to do the cinematography on their wedding at Trump Doral Golf Resort and Spa and we totally had a blast!

Thank you for entrusting us your wedding day!


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